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4-Thiouridine-5'-Triphosphate - (N-1025)

4-Thio-UTP, Thio UTP
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4-Thiouridine is useful for UV photocrosslinking studies to identify sites of ribonucleoprotein-RNA interactions and to crosslink sites containing RNA secondary and tertiary structure. Incorporation of 4-Thiouridine allows for specific crosslinking at longer wavelengths, typically between 320 and 360 nm, which results in minimal RNA damage compared to standard shortwave UV light. 4-Thiouridine-5'-Triphosphate can also be incorporated into RNA to allow specific and efficient tagging of the modified base with sulfur-reactive methylthiosulfonate-activated labels. "The 4-Thio-UTP I had ordered from TriLink worked like a charm." Vaishnavi Rajagopal Post-doctoral Fellow Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine blank "We were impressed with the timing and the quality of the 4-Thio-UTP that we ordered. Obviously it is of utmost importance to our research that we are able to rely on companies such as TriLink to provide quality products when we require them." Christine Woltjen Research Associate Ohio State University
Product details
Catalog No N-1025
Purity ≥90% by AX-HPLC
Extinction Coefficient 16,526 Lmol-1cm-1 at 331 nm
Molecular Formula C9H15N2O14P3S (free acid)
Molecular Weight 500.20 g/mole (free acid)
Salt Form Li+
Concentration 100 mM
Buffer H2O
Recommended Storage -20°C or below
Other Name(s) 4-Thio-UTP, Thio UTP
Application Aptamers, Epigenetics/DNA Damage, In vitro Transcription, Mutagenesis, Photocrosslinking Studies
Backbone 5'-Triphosphate
Base Analog(s) Uridine
Sugar Type(s) RNA
Nucleotide Category Base Modified RNA
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