6-BOC-hydrazinonicotinic acid
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S-3003-500 500 mg


SoluLINK® bioconjugation technology is ideal for linking peptides to oligonucleotides, proteins, and surfaces to improve purification, detection, delivery, and targeting. 6-BOC-HNA is used to incorporate BOC-protected HyNic (6-hydrazinonicotinamide) molecules onto peptides during solid- or solution-phase peptide synthesis. This reagent is also useful for small molecule, surface, and polymer activation with HyNic where acid-labile protection is required. It can be coupled to the N-terminal peptide amino group as the last step in the synthesis prior to cleavage, or coupled to the side chain of a lysine residue introduced using an orthogonally protected derivative such as Lys(ivDde) or Lys(Mtt). The linker requires activation with a coupling agent, such as a carbodiimide, for incorporation during peptide synthesis. HyNic-modified peptides and other molecules are readily conjugated to 4FB-modified biomolecules.

Product Details

Catalog No S-3003
Label/Modifier Type HyNic
Reactivity 4FB
Recommended Storage None
Application Antibody Labeling, Antisense/RNAi, Aptamers, Immunotherapeutics, Therapeutics and Drug Discovery
Other Name(s) 6-BOC-hydrazinonicotinic acid

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