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  Customer Testimonials TriLink aims to exceed our customer's expectations by maintaining the highest level of quality and service. We are dedicated to advancing science by providing excellent technical support and nucleic acid chemistry solutions.

"In addition to providing high quality modified oligos, the TriLink staff provide excellent, personalized service. They went out of their way to provide superior technical support in such a way that I felt confident that I had designed the best DNA substrate for my experiments."

Nichole O'Connell Post-doctoral Research Associate
"I had a very good experience in obtaining quotes and manufacturing kept in touch with me about the progress of a very difficult order. Expertise in synthesis of methylphosphonate oligonucleotides was key. The overall quality control services and customer service gives a busy scientist peace of mind when using a TriLink product."

Sebastian Arangundy
Medical Research Council
Hirsh "TriLink was willing to work with me to get the desired purity on a difficult synthesis."

Donald Hirsh Associate Professor
The College of New Jersey
"Technical support was very knowledgeable and responded quickly to my questions.  Also, as our purchasing decision changed a few times, sales was very quick to provide us with updated quotes. The personalized support really translated well to good product.  With companies like IDT, we felt like we were dealing with a robot with unpredictable quality."

Dr. William Dunworth, PhD Head of Research Development and Manufacturing
Caprico Biotechnologies
"TriLink provides the modifications we need for our studies, as well as reliable, high quality oligos. I was wowed by the support of scientists at TriLink."

Helen Barnes Senior Laboratory Scientist
"We were extremely pleased with the last custom (oligo) work from Trilink and particularly appreciated the help with timing towards our deadline! Great job!"

Ivan Zlatev, PhD Scientist I
ONtorii, Inc.
I contacted TriLink at the suggestion of a colleague after finding that my PCR with Cy5-labeled primers from another company were resulting in products that were only ~35-50% labeled. Although I was able to obtain ~80% labeling efficiency right off the bat with a TriLink primer, I need ~100% labeling efficiency for my experiments, so I asked to speak with a TriLink scientist. Dr. Natasha Paul called me the next business day and after discussing my situation with me, suggested several things to try and followed up by email with additional information. By following her suggestions I was able to obtain 100% labeling efficiency with the TriLink primer, ending three months of troubleshooting. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of both TriLink's products and their customer service, and will be using TriLink for my future labeling needs.

Stephanie Johnson PhD Postdoctoral Scholar
University of California San Francisco
"The items I ordered arrived promptly and as described with all documentation. The documentation was very helpful in preparing the reagents further for my experiments. There is no favorable alternative to TriLink. I'll always be buying this analog as long as you carry it."

Aaron Edmund Graduate Research Assitant
University of Minnesota
"I have been very happy with the product and customer support I have received! Easy website to navigate and order. Helpful info emailed to me regarding order confirmation, processing, shipment. I have been very pleased with my experience with TriLink, and I encourage others to consider TriLink for their oligo orders."

Tessa Davis Senior Research Technologist
Mayo Clinic
Lehman "I have been very pleased at the synthetic RNAs I have purchased from TriLink. While the overall yields have not been overwhelming for longer RNAs, I have seen these yields increase over the years, and I do get better yields from TriLink than other companies that I have used. I also have had good success with the chemically modified nucleotides that I have purchased from TriLink. I have seen TriLink be in business for a long time since their inception, and this persistence in a tough marketplace speaks to the quality of their products."

Niles Lehman Professor of Chemistry
Portland State University
tower "The service is excellent and prompt and our end users are satisfied with the products."

Stephanie Fermazi Buyer
Novartis Purchasing
"Customer service was personable. I was able to talk to people who were directly involved in getting my product in and QA/QC'ed. That made me feel confident I wasn't just being told what I wanted to hear without facts backing it up."

Stephen Glaholt Lab Director IU, SPEA
Indiana University
"TriLink is my go-to source for mRNA expression. I placed a first-time order with TriLink after looking for a company to fulfill my mRNA needs to launch a recent company project. My initial experience with TriLink was very positive because: 1) the product I received was high quality and fit my requirements perfectly; 2) the customer service was exceptional, it addressed my particular project needs professionally and responsively and 3) the turnaround time for deliverables was rapid and exceeded expectations. It is this type of business service that has compelled me to scale-up my orders with TriLink for additional projects without hesitation."

Tim Johnstone
Anvyl LLC
McCampbell "TriLink provides excellent product and they are very responsive to issues that arise. Individual customer attention to requested products is critical for our research needs, and TriLink provides this value. We have several options for vendors in this category, and we prefer TriLink. We have worked with TriLink for over a decade and they are one of our most trusted vendors."

Eric McCampbell Research Scientist
Iris Molecular Diagnostics
Kariko "We value TriLink, it is an excellent company indeed. The product is very good and the costumer service is very good too. Actually a nucleic acid chemist, my friend Dr. János Ludwig recommended me your company in the spring of 2004. That time I was looking for modified-nucleoside triphosphates to generate transcripts that would help to prove or disprove the hypothesis related to lack of immunogenicity of the heavily modified tRNAs. Anyway, he gave me a long list of companies that sell or custom synthesize modified NTP, but told me that start with TriLink, they are good. And now everybody I know who is making pseudoU RNA is getting it from you."

Katalin Karikó, PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
University of Pennsylvania
"Representatives were very helpful and quick to respond."

Melissa Kotterman Director/Scientist
4D Molecular Therapeutics
"Very attentive to customers and had the product we wanted. You were great!"

Jane Bowman Senior Administrative Assistant
UT Southwestern Medical Center of Dallas
Wittwer "CleanAmp™ dNTPs enable us to perform genotyping PCR and real-time PCR using homemade native Taq DNA polymerase."

Wen-Shu Wu, PhD Associate Scientist
Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute
"TriLink offers not just better pricing but specialized services at large scale and functional, quality 2’-Fluoro-dCTP and 2’-Fluoro-dUTP. TriLink’s technical customer support was knowledgeable and gave me confidence about the products."

Sriramchandra Mangipudi Bioengineer
University of Washington, Seattle
"TriLink is a good source for oligonucleotides."

Jimmie Lowery R&D Manager
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Line tower "We are very happy with the quality of mRNA produced by TriLink"

Jin Li Research Scientist
Wittwer "Using CleanAmp™ dNTPs in your PCR is an interesting way to improve specificity. This novel Hot Start method is easy to incorporate into any PCR master mix."

Carl Wittwer, PhD Professor of Pathology
University of Utah
Kariko "TriLink's products play a really important role in our research as access to a range of high quality modified NTPs allows us to study polymerases with expanded substrate spectra without need for a lot of nucleotide chemistry. For example, in our paper we used TriLink 2'-fluoro-dNTPs and 2'-azido-dNTPs to study the range of 2' modifications TGK could accept as well as demonstrating synthesis of pseudouridine and 5-methyl-C modified transcripts. That frees us up to focus on protein engineering and characterisation without worrying about having to go back to the chemistry lab to make some more triphosphates."

Chris Cozens Postdoctoral Researcher
Medical Research Council
McCampbell "The staff was very helpful in my decision to have TriLink make modified mRNAs for our lab and great in helping to design them."

George Porter Jr., MD, PhD Assistant Professor
University of Rochester
Rajagopal "The 4-Thio-UTP I had ordered from TriLink worked like a charm."

Vaishnavi Rajagopal Post-doctoral Fellow
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
"TriLink's CleanAmp™ Primers have allowed us to develop a triplex one-step reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) assay for detection of HIV-1, HSV, and HCV. This approach is unique from other Hot Start approaches, since it allows for control of which primers are extended during the RT step. The ability to control the RT step provided a high level of sensitivity and specificity for our in-house nucleic acid test."

Xinglong Xiao, PhD
South China University; Taitaigen, Inc.
Lee "I always get high quality products from TriLink in a short and reasonable time frame."

Tae-Jin Lee
North Carolina State University
"We like your products, and the timely manner in which we receive them."

Kim Geyer Office Manager
BioHelix Corporation
"Our work, in part, involves development of high sensitivity tests for mutations present in only a small fraction of cells under test. This requires high specificity also and it has proven to be the case that the TriLink CleanAmp™ Primers provided the specificity needed to capitalize on qPCR's inherent high sensitivity. Using your primers we can routinely identify the presence of mutation fractions as low as 0.001%."

John Owen, MD Professor of Hematology & Oncology
Wake Forest University
cliff "We were impressed with the timing and the quality of the 4-Thio-UTP that we ordered.  Obviously it is of utmost importance to our research that we are able to rely on companies such as TriLink to provide quality products when we require them."

Christine Woltjen Research Associate
Ohio State University
Doshi "For some key experiments we needed a custom synthesized nucleotide analogue. But it turned out that this particular nucleotide was patented. So the rep gave me an alternative for my experiment that was very valid. The rep also sent me free samples of this alternative to try. I was also sent some data for this nucleotide. Brilliant!"

Rupka Doshi Research Associate
The Scripps Research Institute
"Good combination of a selection of modified triphosphates, excellent quality at a reasonable price."

Thomas Spratt Associate Professor
Penn State
"I ordered my oligos online and was pleased with the easy and understandable ordering process."

Denise Gamble Research Associate
Medical College of Georgia
"Combining CleanAmp™ dNTPs with our novel lyophilization methods creates the ultimate in high quality easy-to-use PCR assays. Inclusion of CleanAmp™ dNTPs allows us to create accurate, reproducible and simple diagnostic kits, that greatly improve the quality of clinical testing and patient care."

Mike Bunce CEO & CSO
"I use ddNTPs from TriLink for sequencing using DNA and RNA as templates and it always gives me good results."

Michal Legiewicz Research Scientist
Yale University
"CleanAmp™ dNTPs used with native Taq polymerase perform to specification in our demanding multiplex Scorpions™ assays at a substantial cost savings."

Richard DeScenzo, PhD Microbiology Leader
ETS Laboratories
Berdis "TriLink has a large selection of modified dNTPs that were instrumental in our research. Without TriLink, we would have been forced to have these dNTPs synthesized."

Anthony Berdis Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
"We designed a quadruplex PCR assay to simultaneously amplify four herpesviruses, including herpes simplex virus (HSV), cytomegalovirus (CMV), Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and varicella zoster virus (VZV). We found that the use of CleanAmp™ Turbo Primers enhanced amplification efficacies in the quadruplex herpesvirus PCR assay where normal multiplex techniques previously failed."

Yei-Wei Tang
Vanderbilt University
Acevedo "Your tech support team has smart people and good service."

Luis Acevedo Senior Research Scientist
Active Motif, Inc.
"CleanAmp™ dNTPs is a clever alternative to conventional antibody based Hot Start approaches that circumvents some of their limitations. We are very excited including it in our tools portfolio and expect to use it when developing delicate assays."

Mikael Kubista, PhD CEO & Founder
TATAA Biocenter
cliff "TriLink has a good turnaround time. Additionally, the customer service is excellent, and I received assistance in ensuring our DNA was modified correctly and was sufficiently pure for our application. After my experience with TriLink and with one other company, TriLink is the clear choice for future purchases."

Jennifer Koezly Graduate Student
University of Minnesota
"The people I have dealt with have always been professional and have a good working knowledge of products .... a huge plus!!! You offer a product not available through any other source (ppGpp). I have a small lab and even though we could make the compound ourselves, not having to dedicate someone to make the compound speeds up my research endeavors. I think you are great --- really !!!"

Victoria Robinson Associate Professor
University of Connecticut
"All of the oligonucleotides which I have ordered have been extremely high quality."

Stephanie Schroeder
Webster University
"TriLink has an extensive range of high-quality oligonucleotides. Technical support was very efficient, friendly and informative."

Sung Yon Um
Office of Chief Medical Examiner
"Thank you for a very detailed response. You’ve covered everything I wanted to ask or even ones I did not think about.  It is you who make organizations such as TriLink work and for customers to come back repeatedly."

Chun-Nan Chen, PhD
Single Cell Technology, Inc.
"I definitely found some products which others don't generally have. The customer service people I got in touch with have been very helpful in addressing my concerns and questions."

Yue Suo Research Scientist
454 Life Sciences
"The quality of your oligos, particularly with special modifications, was the main driver for using your synthesis services."

Jim Kadushin VP Operations
Genisphere, LLC
"I used the website to order nucleotides for a new protocol. I placed my order on Friday and received the items promptly on Tuesday. I appreciated the ease of use and rapid shipment."

Kyle Doolan
University of Delaware
cliff "I order and receive packages for my lab, and was pleased with the short and easy processing time. I enjoy the ease of use when navigating products on the website."

Bridget Molloy
Harvard University
"I enjoy talking to a person instead of an automatic answering service."

Angela Burnette
Duke University Medical Center
"The customer service of your company is outstanding. Please be assured that we will order at your company in the future."

Simon Runge
University of Munich
"I am so glad I discovered both your research poster and sales booth at the American Society for Microbiologists this past May. I was having a terrible time trying to PCR amplify a region of DNA that is 62% G+C rich. Your new product, CleanAmp™ 7-deaza-dGTP Mix, made it a breeze and solved my problem. Thank you for the quick response and free sample.  I have since recommended this to our collaborators and it is now an essential component in our protocol."

Jane Michalski
University of Maryland, Baltimore, Medical school
"I can certainly second that TriLink supplies tritiated oligonucleotides which are difficult to produce in high quality and in a timely fashion. Also I very much like the excellent communication with the project team."

Dr. Stefan Vonhoff Vice President CMC

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