Antibody-Oligonucleotide All-in-One Conjugation Kit

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A-9202-001 1 Kit


The TriLink Antibody - Oligonucleotide All-in-One Conjugation Kit contains everyting needed to make one Antibody-Oligo conjugate from 100 µg of any user-supplied antibody. Included in the kit is a proprietary purification resin which produces a conjugate free of residual unbound oligo or antibody.

Product Details

Catalog No A-9202
Conjugation Targets Antibody
Label/Modifier Type Oligonucleotide
Reactivity Amine
Components Affinity Magnetic Beads, S-HyNic Crosslinker (DMF Soluble), Modification Buffer (10X), Anhydrous DMF, Red Cap Spin Column, Yellow Cap Spin Column, Brown Cap Spin Column, Blue Cap Spin Column, Oligo Resuspension Solution, Bead Wash Buffer, Bead Elution Buffer, S-4FB Crosslinker (DMF Soluble), 2- Hydrazinopyridine.dihydrochloride, 2 mL Collection tubes
Recommended Storage 4°C
Application Antibody Labeling, Antisense/RNAi, Aptamers, Immunotherapeutics, In Situ Proximity Ligation, In vitro Diagnostic (IVD), Laboratory Developed Tests (LDT) & Analyte Specific Reagents (ASR)

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