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In vitro Transcription

In vitro transcription provides a convenient and cost-effective method for producing long RNAs. Typically, T7 RNA polymerase is used to transcribe a linearized DNA template into RNA. These templates are commonly linearized plasmid or PCR-amplified DNA. Hundreds or even thousands of copies of each template molecule can be made, as well as RNA molecules in excess of 15,000 nucleotides.

Synthesis of RNA from In vitro transcription can also manufacture capped and polyadenylated messenger RNAs (mRNAs), with co-transcriptional capping achieved by our proprietary CleanCap® technology, or post-synthetically using Vaccinia virus capping enzymes. Additionally, the poly A tail can be incorporated into the template or can be added with poly A polymerase.

Frequently, researchers will use modified bases such as 5-methoxyuridine during synthesis, in order to reduce innate immune responses.  

TriLink is the most experienced and most trusted mRNA contract manufacturer in the world. We can synthesize your custom mRNA at scales ranging from milligrams to multigrams. Simply provide your open reading frame sequence, and we take care of the rest. We offer both research grade or GMP grade mRNAs for clinical applications. Our GMP grade mRNAs are manufactured in our purpose built cGMP manufacturing suite. TriLink offers mRNA manufacturing solutions including plasmid production. Several different purification methods are available, as well as an extensive suite of analytical services. We also have a variety of pre-designed catalog mRNAs, including CRISPR nucleases for genome engineering (Cas9 and Cas12a), reporter genes, mRNAs for gene replacement, and antigens for vaccination.

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