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Trilink offers CleanAmp® Hot Start PCR as a patented technology developed under SBIR grants from the NIH. CleanAmp Hot Start PCR products provide a specific, sensitive, and flexible alternative to hot start DNA polymerases. TriLink has applied expertise in modified nucleic acid chemistry to develop chemically modified dNTPs and primers that enable hot start PCR, using conventional Taq DNA polymerase. Simply swap out the standard dNTPs or primers in your PCR assay for the corresponding CleanAmp product to create a hot start PCR reaction. CleanAmp products are ideal for applications such as RT-PCR, multiplex PCR, digital PCR, fast PCR, end-point PCR, and real-time PCR (including real-time RT-PCR and fast real-time PCR).

CleanAmp Hot Start PCR products offer:

  • Compatibility with all DNA polymerases and PCR applications 
  • Unparalleled specificity and sensitivity due to significantly reduced non-specific amplification such as primer-dimer formation and mis-priming events
  • Easy assay development with minimal optimization
  • Increased product yield
  • High amplification efficiency with short and long amplicons (up to 23kb)
  • Significant cost savings over other hot start technologies, including affordable licensing opportunities for commercial use

Activation of CleanAmp products occurs during the initial heating cycle of PCR and each subsequent denaturation step, releasing just enough reagent to allow efficient amplification. By limiting the amount of active reagent during the early PCR cycles when the target is in low concentration, CleanAmp products significantly reduce background amplification in order to achieve a substantial reduction or elimination of primer-dimer and mis-priming.

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