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Since 1996, TriLink's expertise in modified nucleic acid chemistry has been a resource to the aptamer research community. TriLink supports the advancement of aptamer research by offering the modified nucleoside triphosphates used in SELEX, stocked random libraries for both DNA and RNA selection and aptamer synthesis and conjugation services.

GMP   Stocked Random Libraries
TriLink has employed their expertise in randomer oligos to the development of highly randomized modified libraries, allowing an expansion of the universe of possible aptamers.


Gram Scale   Modified Nucleoside Triphosphates
TriLink is an original manufacturer and supplier of key reagents used in the SELEX process, including 2′-Fluoro, 2′-O-Methyl, 2′-Amino and CleanAmp™ modified nucleoside triphosphates.


Stem Cell   Aptamer Synthesis & Conjugation
TriLink offers custom synthesis of aptamers from tens of bases to tens of kilobases, due to their capability to do both chemical and templated enzymatic synthesis. Conjugation of a wide range of modifications, such as therapeutic payloads, transport molecules and labels to aptamers is also available.


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