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Modified Nucleoside Triphosphates

TriLink is the original manufacturer of an expansive collection of over 180 modified nucleotides. Within our SELEX collection, the 2′ Fluoro-dCTP and 2′ Fluoro-dUTP are the most popular. However, 2′ Amino and 2′ OMe NTPs have also been used.


In addition we offer custom nucleoside triphosphate synthesis, so if you don't see what you need - just ask! Our scientists are continually seeking new enzyme/modified NTP combinations that will allow you to explore new avenues in aptamer discovery.

PCR reaction mixes featuring our proprietary CleanAmp™ technology will give you clean amplification of your refined aptamer random pool by suppressing mispriming and primer dimers. And if your sequence of choice is high in GC content our CleanAmp™ 7-deaza-dGTP technology offers a unique and efficient solution.

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