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Conjugation Services

At TriLink, we pride ourselves on making the most user-friendly, least time-consuming conjugation kits on the market. But no matter how much we simplify the process, sometimes you just don't have the time to perform your own conjugations. We're here to help.

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Using Chromalink™ technology, TriLink’s conjugation experts can perform your conjugations to any antibody, oligo, protein, peptide, or solid surface. We can deliver a supply of custom conjugates to your specifications at regular intervals or in bulk quantities. Just call us and describe your conjugation project and we’ll provide you with estimated turnaround time and pricing of our custom services.

TriLink Custom Conjugation Services

  • Antibody conjugations and direct labeling
  • Peptide conjugations: oligo-peptide, protein-peptide, peptide immobilization
  • AP, HRP conjugations
  • siRNA conjugations
  • Solid surface conjugations
  • Bead conjugations

Custom Synthesis and Contract Conjugation Services

TriLink Contract Conjugation Services have been contracted by scientists worldwide in both industry and academia to prepare a wide range of conjugates. If you have a unique chemical compound to make, TriLink organic chemists can provide the specialty synthesis expertise to make that compound in small amounts or in bulk. In many cases, our clients have found that TriLink was the only company able to offer the necessary services to prepare their conjugates.

Examples of TriLink Conjugations

Conjugate Use
Oligonucleotide-antibody conjugates ImmunoPCR
Oligonucleotide-KLH conjugates Production of anti-oligonucleotide antibodies
Carbohydrate-KLH conjugates Production of anti-carbohydrate antibodies
Bacterial carbohydrate-bead conjugates Diagnostic assays
siRNA-antibody conjugates with disulfide cleavable linker siRNA delivery
siRNA-cationic peptide conjugates siRNA delivery
Drug-protein conjugates Drug delivery
Drug-KLH conjugates Production of anti-drug antibodies
R-PE (phycoerythrin/antibody conjugates) Immunodetection

TriLink’s Advantages

  • Quantifiable – Using a UV signature wavelength and simple UV scan
  • Stable – 10 times more stable than any other conjugation linker
  • Efficient – >80% efficient linker-biomolecule conjugations
  • Robust - The conjugate bond is stable to 92°C and pH 2.0–10.0
  • High Yields - Purify 40–60% of starting biomolecules

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