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RNA Capping

mRNA capping is a critical aspect of creating viable mRNA constructs that will remain biologically active and avoid self/non-self intracellular responses. TriLink’s scientists understood the importance of this and realized that the current capping methods of using mCAP, ARCA or enzymatic capping are inadequate due to low capping efficiencies (mCAP/ARCA) or high cost (enzymatic). TriLink’s unique combination of expertise in synthetic organic chemistry and pioneering knowledge in mRNA enabled us to invent CleanCap™ a chemical solution for a biological problem.


N-7001 mCAP
N-7003 ARCA
N-7113 CleanCap® Reagent AG
CleanCap® Reagent GG
N-7413 CleanCap® Reagent AG (3' OMe)
CleanCap® Reagent GG (3' OMe)



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