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Discovery Drawer

TriLink’s Discovery Drawer is a collection of rare nucleosides, nucleotides and other small molecules and intermediates previously tucked away in TriLink’s labs and the labs of other leading nucleic acids chemists. TriLink has made these unique chemicals available to aid researchers seeking new doors to discovery. View the complete list of Discovery Drawer compounds below.

Would you like to make your collection of rare nucleic acids available through TriLink? Contact Us.

Please note TriLink does not maintain Discovery Drawer chemicals as standard stock items. They are not guaranteed to be available at time of inquiry or in the future. The quantities listed are estimations; actual quantity will be determined at time of order.
The purity of each product is not known (or guaranteed) unless otherwise noted. However, a QC analysis can be ordered on any compound of interest. Standard pricing for an HPLC, NMR or mass spec analysis is $50. The cost of the QC is the responsibility of the customer, regardless of the result.
The price does not reflect the cost to replace any compounds that may be sold out. Please request a quote for additional material or for a specific purity.



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