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Anti Reverse Cap Analog, 3´-O-Me-m7G(5')ppp(5')G


Extinction Coefficient: 21,000 Lmol-1cm-1 at 254 nm
Molecular Weight: 817.4 g/mol (free acid)
Molecular Formula: C22H32N10O18P3 (free acid)
Salt Form: NH4+
Purity Specification: ≥95% by AX-HPLC

Shipped at 100 mM in H2O.
1 µmole: 10 µL
5 µmole: 50 µL
10 µmole: 100 µL
Certificate(s) of Analysis

Trusted TriLink quality, exceptional price.
A key step in cellular mRNA processing is the addition of a 5’ cap structure, which is a 5'-5' triphosphate linkage between the 5' end of the RNA and a guanosine nucleotide. The cap is methylated enzymatically at the N-7 position of the guanosine to form mature mCAP.
When preparing synthetic mRNA, the cap is often added prior to use in order to stabilize the mRNA and significantly enhance translation. Using a 4:1 mixture of a cap analog to GTP in transcription reactions will cap 80% of the resulting mRNAs. If mCAP (pre-methylated CAP) is used, only half of the asymmetrical mCAP will insert in the functional orientation. ARCA can only insert in the correct orientation, resulting in mRNAs that are translated twice as efficiently. TriLink is the least expensive source of high quality ARCA. We also offer CAP and mCAP for more traditional capping reactions.

This material and products incorporating it are sold under license from the Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College and Dr. Edward Darzynkiewicz and may be used for research use only, excluding any use in humans or for any diagnostic or therapeutic purpose. U.S. Patent 7,074,596.

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