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TriLink and Biodesy have partnered to offer high quality oligonucleotides for use in the Biodesy™ Delta system. For use with the Delta system, each oligonucleotide must be labeled with Biodesy1 and a biotin modification. During assay optimization, Biodesy recommends trying the biotin on either end (5' or 3') with Biodesy1 on the other end or as an internal modification.

Biodesy dyes provide optimal conformation-specific sensitivity with the Biodesy Delta system. Contact Biodesy with any questions regarding the Delta System or oligonucleotide design.

Oligonucleotide Modification Price

3' Terminus 5' Terminus Internal

Includes C3 Amino Linker Includes C6 Amino Linker Requires a Selective
Placement Amino Linker

5.0 µmole $630 $536 $378
10 µmole $840 $714 $504
15 µmole $1,050 $893 $630

Biodesy1 Characteristics
Abs. Max: 415 nm
Em. Max: 570 nm
ε at Abs. Max: 26,000

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