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Zip Nucleic Acid
ZNA®, Spermine

Zip Nucleic Acid

Zip Nucleic Acids (ZNA®) are oligonucleotides conjugated to cationic units. ZNA show increased affinity for their targets by reducing the electrostatic repulsion between nucleic acid strands. ZNA increase both the binding efficiency and the kinetic, and stabilize the hybridization to their target. These properties make ZNA promising powerful tools for molecular biology and diagnostic applications.
When used as PCR primers ZNA increase the amplification efficiency and the specificity and are particularly efficient in A-T rich sequences or for low abundant targets.

When used as probes in PCR assays, ZNA increase the sensitivity and specificity of detection making them optimal tools for SNP discrimination or miRNA detection.

For help designing a ZNA primer or probe, please contact

Oligonucleotide Modification Price
5' or Internal
5.0 µmole $300
10 µmole $375
15 µmole $450
Sold under license from Polyplus-transfection®.

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