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3'-OXT-Modified Phosphodiester DNA
3′‐O‐(4‐oxotetradec‐1‐yl)-DNA, 3'-C10-OXP-DNA

3'-OXT-Modified Phosphodiester DNA

3′‐O‐(4‐oxotetradec‐1‐yl) protected Phosphodiester DNA is a thermolabile protecting group which can block annealing between a Hot Start PCR Primer (known as CleanAmp Primers) and the target. 3' OXT is also known as 3'-C10-OXP. Once deprotected, it performs as a standard phophodiester backbone. CleanAmp® Primers are available in two forms that differ in the rate of thermal activation. 

Per Base Pricing
5.0 µmole $1,400
10 µmole $2,600
15 µmole $3,800
Minimum pricing requirements may apply. Please request a quote for exact pricing or contact us to speak with a customer service representative.

CleanAmp Precision Primers contain two modifications on the 3' end, consequently, activating more slowly than CleanAmp Turbo Primers, which is beneficial for different applications and PCR needs, such as:
• Standard cycling
• One-step reverse-transcription PCR
• Improving specificity and limit of detection
• Providing the greatest reduction in mis-priming/primer dimer formation

CleanAmp Turbo Primers contain a single modification on the 3' end, resulting in a slower activation than CleanAmp Precision Primers, which is beneficial for different applications and PCR needs, such as:
• Fast cycling
• Mulitplex PCR
• Improving amplicon yield
• Reducing mis-priming/primer dimer formation

CleanAmp Primers can be cartridge purified. However, for those applications where PCR performance is of the utmost importance, we can RP-HPLC purify your CleanAmp® Primers.
CleanAmp Primer Product Literature
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