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Fluorescein, 6-Carboxyfluorescein


Oligonucleotide Modification Price
0.2 µmole $105
1.0 µmole $131
5.0 µmole $315
10 µmole $420
15 µmole $525
0.2 µmole $158
1.0 µmole $184
5.0 µmole $378
10 µmole $504
15 µmole $630
3' Terminus
0.2 µmole $158
1.0 µmole $184
5.0 µmole $378
10 µmole $504
15 µmole $630

Abs. Max: 496 nm
Em. Max: 516 nm
ε at Abs. Max: 83,000

*This compound requires a primary amine for conjugation onto an oligonucleotide.

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