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5' Phosphate


5' Phosphate

Oligonucleotide Modification Price
HPLC Purified
5.0 µmole $236
10 µmole $315
15 µmole $394
Other Purification
5.0 µmole $173
10 µmole $231
15 µmole $289

5' Phosphorylation requires additional processing in order to ensure high quality and yield. Phosphates can be placed on the 3' or 5' termini of oligonucleotides. A 3' terminal phosphate can be used to block elongation although other modifications, such as 3' Propyl or a 2',3'-Dideoxy modified base, are more effective terminators. A 5' terminal phosphate is needed for enzymatic ligation of two oligonucleotides to form longer oligonucleotides.

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