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Phosphodiester DNA

Phosphodiester DNA

Per Base Pricing
5.0 µmole $9.00
10 µmole $12.00
15 µmole $15.00
Purification Method 5.0 µmole 10 µmole 15 µmole
Double RP-HPLC $275 $325 $375
Single RP-HPLC & RP-Cartridge $225 $275 $325
AX-HPLC $275 $375 $425
RP-Cartridge N/A N/A N/A
PAGE $500 $750 $1000
PAGE followed by RP-HPLC $725 $1025 $1325

Expected Yields*
OD260 units
approx. mg

5.0 μmole scale 100-250 3.33 - 8.33
10 μmole scale 200-500 6.66 - 16.6
15 μmole scale
10.0 - 25.0

Minimum pricing requirements may apply. Please request a quote for exact pricing or contact us to speak with a customer service representative.
*Expected yields are estimates for HPLC purified (~90%) unmodified oligonucleotides. Yield and purity differences can be caused by many factors, such as sequence and length. If you require a specific yield, please let us know when you place your order or request a quote.

Phosphodiester DNA (PO DNA) oligos are synthetic mimics of natural DNA containing a bridging phosphate. PO DNA oligos are most commonly used as PCR primers and dye labeled probes, as well as in the study of natural processes involving DNA. Any application requiring a natural enzymatic reaction will employ PO DNA oligos. TriLink is a leading supplier of high quality phosphodiester DNA oligos at small and mid-scales

Because phosphodiester DNA oligonucleotides are susceptible to nucleases they are often modified to phosphorothioate or 2′ OMe oligos.

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