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2' O-Methyl RNA (Phosphodiester & Phosphorothioate)
2' OMe

2' O-Methyl RNA (Phosphodiester & Phosphorothioate)

Per Base Pricing
5.0 µmole $45.00
10 µmole $60.00
15 µmole $75.00
Purification Method 5.0 µmole 10 µmole 15 µmole
Double RP-HPLC $275 $325 $375
Single RP-HPLC & RP-Cartridge $225 $275 $325
AX-HPLC $275 $375 $425
RP-Cartridge N/A N/A N/A
PAGE $500 $750 $1000
PAGE followed by RP-HPLC $725 $1025 $1325

Expected Yields* OD260 units approx. mg

5.0 μmole scale 100-250 3.33 - 8.33
10 μmole scale 200-500 6.66 - 16.6
15 μmole scale 300-750 10.0 - 25.0
Minimum pricing requirements may apply. Please request a quote for exact pricing or contact us to speak with a customer service representative.
*Expected yields are estimates for HPLC purified (~90%) unmodified oligonucleotides. Yield and purity differences can be caused by many factors, such as sequence and length. If you require a specific yield, please let us know when you place your order or request a quote.

The 2′ O-Methyl oligo modification is best characterized as a RNA analog that offers stability against general base hydrolysis and nucleases, as well as increased Tm of duplexes by 1 - 4°C per addition.

The 2′ O Methyl oligonucleotide modification was introduced to the antisense oligo field long ago fairly simultaneously by research teams from Japan, Europe and the US. 2′ O-Methyl, a naturally occurring analog with a long history in the literature, is viewed as the perfect RNA analog because of its stability. The only real disadvantage with 2′ O Methyl oligo insertions is that they are not recognized by many enzymes, thereby limiting utility slightly. 2′ O-Methyl modifications are generally used in conjunction with DNA and are usually considered a solution for nuclease stability issues or the duplex stability of DNA molecules. However, it should be noted that the configuration of a 2′ O Methyl oligonucleotide is in the A-form like RNA, and not the B-form like DNA. It only takes a couple of these modifications in a row to effect the transition from one form to the other.

Another key application is the stabilization of RNA molecules either from nuclease activity in applications where the function of the RNA itself is not required, and is used merely as a duplex, or for higher order structure, such as in an aptamer.

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