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ChromaLink™ Digoxigenin One-Shot Antibody Labeling Kit

ChromaLink™ Digoxigenin One-Shot Antibody Labeling Kit

Single-reaction labeling kit with measurable chromophore
The ChromaLink™ Digoxigenin One-Shot Antibody Labeling Kit provides convenient, measurable digoxigenin labeling of 100 µg of antibody. The kit contains Sulfo ChromaLink™ Digoxigenin, which incorporates a UV-traceable chromophore, based on Chromalink™ technology, to enable reproducibility in your labeling process. With a simple and direct UV scan (A280 and A354), you can quantify digoxigenin incorporation and ensure reproducible production of consistent batches.

Workflow Diagram

Poster:  Novel multi-color immunofluorescence technique using primary antibodies raised in the same host species.


The ChromaLink™ Digoxigenin One-Shot Antibody Labeling Kit includes buffers, spin columns, and even a calculator to determine MSR. With the ChromaLink™ Digoxigenin One-Shot Antibody Labeling Kit, you can label and purify 100 µg of antibody or proteins ranging in molecular weight from 20–200 kDa in about 2 hours.


The first measurable digoxigenin reagent
Digoxigenin has long been used as an alternative hapten reporter system to the streptavidin/biotin system. In recent times, this reporter system has also been used side-by-side with the biotin-streptavidin system for the detection of multiplexed antigens. Unlike the biotin reporter system, digoxigenin incorporation has never had any method of quantifying incorporated label like the biotin HABA assay, until now. ChromaLink™ Digoxigenin Reagent features high antibody recoveries (50–80%) with consistent digoxigenin incorporation. The ideal degree of incorporation, or molar substitution ratio (MSR), ranges from 2–8 digoxigenin molecules per antibody. 

ChromaLink™ Digoxigenin One-Shot Antibody Labeling Kit Advantages

  • Reproducible Production –UV-traceable chromophore permits nondestructive, rapid A280/A354 quantification of incorporated digoxigenin, enabling consistency and reproducibility
  • No toxic DMF or DMSO – Amine-reactive sulfo-succinimidyl ester is safe and water-soluble, avoiding the use of organic solvents
  • Extended PEG3 Spacer – Helps reduce aggregation, minimizes steric hindrance, and enhances solubility
  • One-shot – All components sized to quickly label 100 µg of antibody
  • Convenient – Kit contains buffers, spin columns, and calculator to determine MSR


Product Formats


    ChromaLink™ Digoxigenin One-Shot Antibody Labeling Kit provides quantitative digoxigenin labeling of 100 µg of antibody (Cat. No. B-9014-009K)

Additional Information 


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