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Wobble Site
Random Site, Degenerate Site

Wobble Site

TriLink offers the standard IUPAC wobble options, as well as custom wobbles (randomers). We hand mix our amidites and supports to ensure a proper distribution at each site in your oligonucleotide, may that be 1:1:1:1 or a custom ratio.

TriLink has done extensive research to optimize the "n" wobble (A, C, G, T) to achieve as close to a 1:1:1:1 equal ratio as possible in the final oligo product. To order your oligo with wobble site(s), build your oligo in OligoBuilder® using the 'Wobble Sites' menu. If a custom (unequal) base ratio is required, please indicate this in the Notes section.

Common Wobble Sites
IUPAC Code DNA Base Mixture RNA Base Mixture
n A, C, G, T A, C, G, U
B C ,G, T C ,G, U
D A, G, T A, G, U
H A, C, T A, C, U
V A, C, G A, C, G
M A, C A, C
R A, G A, G
W A, T A, U
S C, G C, G
Y C, T C, U
K G, T G, U

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