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In addition to over 150 stocked modified nucleotides, TriLink offers custom polyphosphate synthesis, including mono-, di- and triphosphates. If the polyphosphate your research requires is not commercially available, our nucleic acid chemists are here to prepare it for you, even if there is currently no known synthesis scheme. You may provide your own nucleoside, TriLink can purchase the nucleoside if it is commercially available or it can be prepared as a custom synthesis.

Click here to request a quote for your custom polyphosphate. You will need to include the structure and the final yield required. Polyphosphates are purified by HPLC, analyzed by 31P NMR and MS and delivered as lithium salts. Large scale synthesis and cGMP manufacturing is available. Small scale syntheses of 10-500 mg typically have yields between 10% and 40%; lead times range from 4-8 weeks.



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