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CleanAmp® dUTP

CleanAmp dUTP can be substituted for dTTP in PCR to produce uracil-containing amplicons. One of the most commonly described applications of dUTP is in PCR-based carryover decontamination schemes employing the enzyme uracil-N-glycosylase (UNG). CleanAmp dUTP can be used in routine endpoint PCR and in real-time PCR.

Optimal PCR results are achieved when CleanAmp dUTP is in a three-fold excess over dATP, dCTP and dGTP. Use CleanAmp dUTP with standard dNTPs for well-behaved targets and with CleanAmp dNTPs for problematic targets.


CleanAmp dUTP provides reliable real-time PCR performance.

CleanAmp dUTP

Standard curve from the amplification of 715 bp target from Lambda genomic DNA with 5 to 500,000 copies of input target, with detection by intercalating dye. Y = -3.884*LOG(X) + 40.11, Eff. = 80.9%


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