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CleanCap® mRNA capping technology

Licensing overview for innovators

We have a simple licensing structure for innovators looking to use CleanCap® technology in their mRNA drug development. The licensing structure is built on development milestones—research use, clinical use, and commercial use. Only when your therapeutic candidate reaches clinical phases and beyond, nominal issuance and licensing fees will be applied for using the CleanCap® technology in your drug development. 


Research use

Catalog purchases of CleanCap® Reagents used for innovators' internal research purposes are covered by our Limited Use Label License. No additional licensing is required for research use of CleanCap Reagents. 

Clinical use

TriLink’s simplified clinical supply and licensing structure enables innovators to purchase and use CleanCap® Reagents and Technology throughout their mRNA drug clinical development programs (up to and including Phase III), subject to nominal license fees payable only on filing of an investigational new drug (IND) (per program basis) and subsequent First Dose in Phase III Clinical Program. 

License Issuance Fee*: US$50K 

Milestone 1: US$10K payable on filing of IND

Milestone 2: US$50K payable on First Dose, Phase III Clinical 

*Additional fee may apply for Innovators who require rights to sublicense to CDMO partners (on a per-program basis). 

Commercial use

Commercial Licensing is only required after First Dose, Phase III Clinical for therapeutic products.  

Terms for Commercial Licensing and Supply for CleanCap® Reagents and Technology include standard volume forecasting for CleanCap Reagents, milestone payments on achievement of development milestones and a one-time payment on achievement of a sales milestone on Licensed Products.  

No Run Rate Royalties are applied on Licensed Products. 

For more information on commercial licensing of CleanCap Reagents, please contact us by completing the form below. 

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Cleancap Licensing overview

CleanCap Licensing overview
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