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CleanCap® Renilla Luc mRNA (5moU) - (L-7204)

CleanCap®Renilla Luciferase mRNA (5-methoxyuridine)
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L-7204-100 100 µg
L-7204-1000 1 mg
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Renilla luciferase (Renilla Luc) is a bioluminescent reporter protein derived from Renilla reniformis (sea pansy) (Lorenz, et al). In the presence of the cofactor, coelenterazine, Renilla luciferase produces light. Renilla Luc mRNA can be used as an internal control in combination with FLuc mRNA to test different conditions, such as dosage or chemical modifications, and their effect on translation.

This mRNA is capped using CleanCap, TriLink's proprietary co-transciptional capping method, which results in the naturally occuring Cap 1 structure with high capping efficiency. It is polyadenylated, modified with 5-methoxyuridine and optimized for mammalian systems. It mimics a fully processed mature mRNA.

Product details
Catalog No L-7204
Purity Passes Agarose Gel Mobility
Length 1212 nucleotides
Base Composition Fully substituted with 5-Methoxy-U
Concentration 1.0 mg/mL
Buffer 1 mM Sodium Citrate pH 6.4
Conversion Factor 40 µg/OD260
Recommended Storage At or below -40°C
Application Reporter Genes
Cap AG Start, Cap 1, CleanCap
Other Name(s) CleanCap®Renilla Luciferase mRNA (5-methoxyuridine)
Technical documents

L-7204 Safety Data Sheet

L-7204 Product Insert

CleanCap Renilla Luc ORF Sequence

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