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Leading the way in mRNA™

CleanCap® Technology

mRNA capping is a critical aspect of creating viable mRNA constructs that will remain biologically active and avoid self/non-self intracellular responses. TriLink’s scientists understood the importance of this and realized that the current capping methods of using mCAP, ARCA or enzymatic capping are inadequate due to lowcapping efficiencies (mCAP/ARCA) or high cost (enzymatic).

CleanCap – A Chemist’s Solution to a Biologist's Problem
TriLink’s unique combination of expertise in synthetic organic chemistry and pioneering knowledge in mRNA enabled us to invent a chemical solution for a biological problem. 

  • High capping efficiencies (94%+) resulting in more active mRNA
  • Yields a natural Cap 1 Product
    • Cap 1 does not activate Pattern Recognition Receptors1,2,3
    • Important for in vivo work with notable translational improvements over Cap 0 structure4
  • "One pot" co-transcriptional reaction to produce a Cap 1 structure vs multiple purifications steps required for enzymatic Cap 1
  • Cap-2 analogs will be available soon. Other modifications are possible, contact us.
  • CleanCap technology is featured in the following products:


Catalog CleanCap mRNAs

CleanCap mRNA is stocked and available for common applications and experiments in standard constructs:

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Custom CleanCap mRNA Synthesis Service - Your Specific Construct in the Amount Needed

Save time, money, resources and get more active Cap 1 mRNA by ordering your custom mRNA constructs with TriLink's CleanCap technology.


CleanCap Reagents – Enabling Simple, High Efficiency mRNA Capping in Your Lab*

CleanCap AG CleanCap GG
CleanCap AG (3' OMe) CleanCap GG (3' OMe)

*CleanCap reagents are compatible with wild-type T7 polymerase.

CleanCap Structure

Exceptional Capping Efficiency in a Rapid Co-Transcriptional Reaction

CleanCap vs. ARCA vs. Enzymatic Capping

CleanCap ARCA Enzymatic
Capping Efficiency 90-99% 60-80% 95-99%
Cap Structure

Cap 1, Cap 2 or Cap 0

Cap 0

Cap 1 or Cap 0
Natural Cap




Capping Cost Comparison

comparison of cleancap and enzymatic capping prices

Transfection Expression Comparisons

Example 1

Data courtesy of:

CHO Cells, 6 minute fusion with Fuse-It-mRNA kit, 1 ug mRNA, Analysis at 72 hours post fusion
Foreskin fibroblast cells, 10 minute fusion with Fuse-It-mRNA kit, 1ug mRNA analysis at 24 hours post fusion
iPS derived cardiomyoctyes, 10 minute fusion with Fuse-It-mRNA kit, 1ug mRNA, analysis at 24 hour post fusion

Example 2

Data courtesy of:

Jurkat: 500ng mRNA + 1µL jetMESSENGER
MCF 10A: 500ng mRNA + 1µL jetMESSENGER

Example 3

Data courtesy of:

14 Day Expression Analysis with Fuse-IT-mRNA
CleanCap EGFP mRNA
iPS derived cardiomyocytes Cor.-4U, axiogenesis, 6 minute fusion, 0.5ug of mRNA


  1. Abbas et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2017; 114 (11): E2106-E2115
  2. Katibah et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2014; 111 (33): 12025-30
  3. Schuberth-Wagner et al. Immunity. 2015; 42 (1): 41-45
  4. Kuge, H. et al. (1998). Nucleic Acids Res. 26, 3208-3214

Products containing the CleanCap technology are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. Use of CleanCap technology may be covered by one or more patents or pending Patent Applications.

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