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TriLink CRISPR Technology: The Next Generation Toolkit for CRISPR Cas9 Gene Editing

Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) is quickly becoming the most popular tool in the genome editing arena. In the CRISPR system, an RNA guide (sgRNA) targets the site of interest where the Cas9 protein performs a double stranded DNA cut. mRNA is a powerful tool used in CRISPR genome editing to enable bacteria to sample pathogen DNA, and integrate foreign DNA into their genome in specialized repeat structures, thus using these sequences to produce sgRNA. The benefits of DNA-free, mRNA-based CRISPR over plasmid delivery include no danger of unintended DNA insertion, reduced toxicity, better on-target efficiency, and improved specificity.
$1399 for one custom sgRNA (1µmol starting synthesis scale) and receive 20µg CleanCap® Cas9 mRNA with your order at no additional cost**

$2499 for two custom sgRNA (1µmol starting synthesis scale) and receive 100µg CleanCap® Cas9 mRNA with your order at no additional cost**

*Construct sequence up to 110 bases with 3’ and 5’ 2’OMe sugar and phosphorothioate backbone modifications or wildtype. HPLC purification is included in the price (PAGE followed by HPLC purification available at an additional cost).** Secondary structure formation can make it challenging to process and purify long RNA. Note that final yield is inversely related to the length of the oligo. All products will ship together upon completion of guide strand synthesis. Offer applies to catalog mRNAs: L-7206, L-7207, L-7606. Offer expires July 31, 2019.

Why Should You Order from Us

TriLink offers the highest quality gene editing toolkit on the market. Trust the TriLink CleanCap Cas9 mRNA and sgRNA combination to take your CRISPR experiments from research to the clinic.

  • Quality
  • Detailed customer support
  • Experience – first to bring Cas9 mRNA to the market
  • Flexability with scale from µmol to nmol
  • Sequence specific backbone and base modifications
  • Pathway to GMP production and beyond

CleanCap Cas9 mRNA

Developed in collaboration with leading CRISPR researchers, our highly optimized, uridine-depleted, & 5-methoxyuridine-modified Cas9 RNA outperforms previous generations.*

  • High indel rates
  • Reduced immunogenicity

TriLink CleanCap Cas9 mRNA enables rapid gene expression and eliminates the risk of insertional mutagenesis that can be associated with DNA plasmid approach. CleanCap® Cas9 mRNA offers superior translational efficiency over conventional Cas9 mRNA. For maximal expression in cells or target organs, transfected mRNAs must avoid detection by pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) that evolved to sense improperly capped RNAs and double stranded RNA. PRR activation leads to cytokine production, translational arrest and cell toxicity or death. CleanCap Cas9 mRNA is highly efficiently capped with a natural Cap1 structure and sequence engineered to improve activity. TriLink offers both wild-type Cas9 mRNA, which creates a double stranded break at the target site, and Cas9 Nickase mRNA, which creates a single stranded break. This favors homology-directed repair and decreases the occurrence of non-homologous end joining.

Cas9 mRNA encodes the Cas9 protein with an N and C terminal nuclear localization signal (NLS). The incorporation of two NLS signals within the mRNA increases the frequency of delivery to the nucleus, thus increasing the rate of DNA cleavage. Additionally, a C terminal HA epitope tag aids detection, isolation, and purification of the Cas9 protein.

This mRNA is capped using CleanCap, a TriLink proprietary co-transcriptional capping method, which results in the naturally occuring Cap 1 structure with high capping efficiency. CleanCap Cas9 mRNA is available as both a stocked or custom product.

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Get free CleanCap Cas9 mRNA in the TriLink CRISPR Toolkit

Cas9 mRNA Design Optimization
* Vaidyanathan S, Azizian KT, Haque AA, Henderson JM, Hendel A, Shore S, Antony JS, Hogrefe RI, Kormann MSD, Porteus MH, McCaffrey AP, Uridine Depletion and Chemical Modification Increase Cas9 mRNA Activity and Reduce Immunogenicity Without HPLC Purification, Molecular Therapy: Nucleic Acid (2018), doi: 10.1016/j.omtn.2018.06.010. Read full article.

TriLink sgRNA

Our custom synthetic high-performance single guide RNA (sgRNA) with sequence specific backbone and base modifications ensure the most effective binding and knock-out/knock-in efficiency for all your CRISPR Cas9 experiments. sgRNA, a chimeric RNA composed of crRNA and tracrRNA, is connected by a short RNA linker. The purpose of sgRNAs is to bind to Cas9 and direct the complex to a specific genomic location. Other technologies exist as a 2-part crRNA:tracrRNA guide RNAs.

TriLink sgRNA offers several advantages over 2-part guide RNAs. With a sgRNA there is no obligatory annealing step in vitro. This annealing step can be time consuming and inefficient. Especially when modified with 2’OMethyl and Phosphothioates, sgRNA is more stable to degradation by intracellular exonucleases (Porteus, Nature, June 2015). With enhanced stability, you will achieve better gene editing.

TriLink is a key supplier of sgRNA for preclinical research, with fully optimized synthesis and purification of RNA oligos. We specialize in challenging constructs, as well as scaling up to mid-scale quantities, 50 mg to multiple grams. Visit OligoBuilder® to price and order your sgRNA.

Get free CleanCap Cas9 mRNA in the TriLink CRISPR Toolkit with your sgRNA order.

Deconvoluted Mass Spec of TriLink sgRNA
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