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Research Update

5-Methyl C and 5-Hydroxymethyl C Reduce Contamination in mtDNA NGS

Next generation sequencing (NGS) has transformed the landscape of genome sequencing making it quicker, cheaper and more accurate. Several NGS platforms exist and they often use universal primers (primers that are complementary to common sequences in a specific set of DNA molecules or plasmids). While universal primers offer a clear advantage, they can lead to contamination and amplification of unwanted products. In a recent paper, Expanded Genetic Codes in Next Generation Sequencing Enable Decontamination and Mitochondrial Enrichment, McKernan and colleagues present a method that ensures serial amplification steps can be performed without contamination, even without physical isolation of lab equipment.

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Press Release
TriLink Awarded Patents for Novel Ligation Technology

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5-me-dCTP & 5-hme-dCTP, new tools in mtDNA sequencing, are also key epigenetics research reagents.

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Improving Sequencing Reads of GC-rich DNA Targets
GC-rich DNA targets can be difficult to sequence due to the high degree of intrastrand secondary structure formation. The quality of sequencing results for GC-rich regions can be compromised by loss of signal, band compressions and weak signal base calls. PCR amplification of these problematic targets with the CleanAmp™ 7-deaza-dGTP Mix prior to Sanger dideoxy sequencing can significantly improve the read quality along the entire sequence.   GC Sequencing
New! Dye Labeled mRNA

Cyanine 5 FLuc mRNA
When labeled with cyanine 5, FLuc mRNA can be directly visualized. Cyanine 5 FLuc mRNA is an ideal molecule to determine mRNA delivery and localization independent of translation.

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