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Research Update

New Perspectives on Antisense Oligos

In 1978, Zamecnik and Stephenson first demonstrated the ability to target and modulate gene expression through short synthetic oligos. Since then, antisense oligonucleotide (ASO)-based therapeutics have been studied extensively. However, only a single ASO drug has obtained FDA approval since their initial discovery. As with many therapeutic strategies, target affinity, biostability, delivery and off-target effects have been central to the challenges facing ASO-based therapy in the clinic. To combat these obstacles, various aspects of the oligonucleotides have been altered, including the length of the oligonucleotide. Traditionally, the length of an ASO has been ~20-22 nucleotides, however recent evidence emphasizes the fact that shortening an ASO may be an effective targeting strategy in multiple contexts.

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Recent Blog Post

Could the Current Ebola Outbreak Have Been Prevented?

  • Deadliest Outbreak Yet Shows no Sign of Abating
  • Lack of Funds Hampered Clinical Development of Drugs and Vaccines
  • Treatments Exist so Why are Doctors Left with no Cure to Offer the Infected?

The fact that the Ebola virus was identified almost 40 years ago and there’s been ongoing research ever since begs the question, “Was the current Ebola outbreak preventable?”

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A doctor in Sierra Leone enters the high-risk area of the Ebola treatment center. Credit: Sylvain Cherkaoui/Cosmos/eyevine (taken from Nature)

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New! Isomorphic Fluorescent Nucleotides

We've expanded our collection of intrinsically fluorescent nucleotides with the addition of thienos. These unique molecules were designed by Dr. Yitzhak Tor of UCSD. Thieno nucleotides serve an unparalleled role in exploring fundamental biochemical transformations and facilitate the fabrication of biophysical and discovery assays. DrTor
  Prof. Yitzhak Tor, UCSD
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mtDNA Replacement: Eliminating Disease or Creating Designer Babies?
  • Mitochondrial DNA Replacement to Preclude Mitochondrial Disease Shown Feasible in Monkeys
  • US FDA Advisors Ponder Pros and Cons for Allowing Human Clinical Trials Amidst “Designer Baby” Concerns
  • UK Government Decision “Up in the Air”

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