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Research Update

Improved Blood Viral Detection with CleanAmp™ Primers

The development of reliable, high sensitivity assays for viral infection is of the utmost importance for minimizing the prevalence of infections related to the transfusion of infected blood. While original viral detection assays detect antibodies to the virus, these assays are being replaced by nucleic acid tests, which detect viral RNA or viral DNA. Nucleic acid tests have been shown to display improved sensitivity as compared to antibody-based assays, allowing for earlier detection of viral infection in a blood donor.

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Sample Offer
Improve Your RT-PCR with
CleanAmp™ RT-PCR Master Mix.

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New CleanAmp™ RT-PCR Master Mix! Improve RT-PCR Detection & Quantification of RNA

CleanAmp™ One-Step RT-PCR 2X Master Mix is an innovative solution employing TriLink’s patented CleanAmp™ technology.

CleanAmp™ enables a Hot Start at both the RT and PCR steps, significantly improving the specificity of one-step reverse transcription PCR.

Perform end-point or real-time RT-PCR assays with RNA input levels as low as 32 picograms. And confidently utilize CleanAmp™ One-Step RT-PCR 2X Master Mix in your multiplex assays.


Blog Post

Could the Current Ebola Outbreak
Have Been Prevented?

  • Deadliest Outbreak Yet Shows no Sign of Abating
  • Lack of Funds Hampered Clinical Development of Drugs and Vaccines
  • Treatments Exist so Why are Doctors Left with no Cure to Offer the Infected?

The fact that the Ebola virus was identified almost 40 years ago and there’s been ongoing research ever since begs the question, “Was the current Ebola outbreak preventable?” Read More

New Reporter Gene mRNA Products

Our selection of stocked mRNA products continues to grow. We’ve recently added dye labeled reporters and new versions of Luc:

Gaussia Luc mRNA is useful in measuring both secreted extracellular protein levels, as well as intracellular protein levels.

Renilla Luc mRNA can be employed as an internal control to test different conditions, such as dosage or chemical modifications, and their effect on translation.

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Blog Post

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
What You May Not Know but Should

  • The Story of How this Challenge Began
  • How Baseball and the “Big Bang” are Connected to this Challenge
  • How a Dearth of Genetic Understanding Led to Crowdfunding ALS Research
  • The First Drugs May be on the Horizon

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