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Research Update

Outsmarting Prostate Cancer with an RNA Aptamer

The ability to target a specific cell type is the Holy Grail for current cancer therapy. This reduces the side effects that are common with traditional therapies that are broadly cytotoxic. Over the past decade several so-called “smart drugs”, designed to target a cell surface molecule that is distinct or highly upregulated in the malignant cell, have been developed. However, despite being the second most prevalent malignancy in males worldwide, no such treatment has been developed for prostate cancer, a cancer that often progresses quickly into metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). Currently there are limited therapeutic options for mCRPC. But an RNA aptamer-based smart drug that targets cells expressing prostate specific membrane antigen, may prove effective.

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Pseudouridine: Modified Nucleobase of the Year
  • A Minor Modified Nucleobase Playing a Major Role in RNA Therapeutics
  • Nucleobase is “Acrobatically” Formed in RNA by an Enzyme
  • Its Original Identification is Linked to the Atomic Bomb!

While the Molecule of the Year is fascinating and well deserved, we should show some love for individual nucleobases.

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Technology Spotlight: Randomer Expertise

TriLink has developed proprietary mixing and purification methods that result in the best randomers on the market. In a recent study, TriLink partnered with NeoVentures Biotechnology to compare a TriLink library to a library from another vendor. The libraries contained a 40mer random region, flanked by 20mer fixed regions.

Results: The TriLink library showed tight correlation between expected and found frequencies for the total nucleotides within the sequence. The 'Other' library deviated significantly from the expected frequency.

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DIY Chromosomes
  • This DIY (do-it-yourself) is Actually DIT (do-it-together)!
  • A Global Network of Undergraduates are Collectively Assembling Designer Chromosomes for Yeast

Led by Boeke, hundreds of researchers around the global are now working together as a gigantic team to successfully achieve a goal befitting a “grand challenge,” which would otherwise not be possible.

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RNA Library for RNA Aptamer Selection

A large body of aptamer research is aimed towards the isolation of RNA aptamers. RNA is more structurally versatile and tends to form stable structures. RNA libraries have been used to select catalytic riboswitches and ribozymes, as well as other high affinity aptamers.

TriLink RNA random libraries have been optimized to ensure as close to a 1:1:1:1 ratio of bases as possible.

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