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Research Update

Intranasal mRNA Vaccination Provides Anti-Tumor Immunity

In the last decade, several cancer therapies have evolved to include vaccinations as an integral part of treatment. This strategy allows the body’s own immune system to identify and attack the cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact. Though several types of vaccines exist, recently scientists have been studying the efficacy of antigen specific mRNA. mRNA vaccines offer superior safety profiles. However the most advanced mRNA vaccination strategy involves multiple steps. While effective, the process is laborious and costly and researchers are looking into alternative vaccination strategies.

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ResearchReward Granted for mRNA Delivery Development

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Ova mRNA: A common antigen for immunization now available as mRNA.

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Blog Post

Better Brewing and Biotechnology

Clearly, beer is thoroughly enjoyed around the world, so let’s explore its history and the intersection of brewing and biotech. Yeast give the critical flavor and aroma of beer. But the connection between the genetic makeup of yeast and the brewing properties that result from it are not well understood.

Recently, two research teams set out to change this and hopefully determine what in the yeast’s genetic code is responsible for the flavor profile they produce. Read More




Genetic mapping of yeasts could lead to custom brews. Credit: Sandy Huffaker for The New York Times.

Custom mRNA Synthesis, Including Antigens

mRNA offers the distinct advantage of integration-free gene expression. TriLink's custom mRNA transcription service includes:
  • Custom tailored support to meet your specific needs from template amplification to a wide variety of modifications, treatments and purification options.
  • Synthesis scales yielding µg to 100's of mg.
  • GMP manufacturing, fully traceable from research to clinical grade.

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TriLink recently secured a contract to manufacture mRNA for vaccine development against filoviruses.
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