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Research Update

Using CRISPR to elucidate the role of RIPK1 in tissue homeostasis

The CRISPR/Cas9 system is revolutionizing the field of genome editing. Mainstream media has touted it as the next big therapeutic approach, but researchers have also been quick to adapt it to create unique transgenic animals rapidly and precisely.

The traditional method of creating these mouse models through embryonic stem cell implantation is time intensive, requires multiple rounds of backcrossing, and still germline transmission is not guaranteed. In a recent article in Nature, Dannappel et al. take advantage of the CRISPR method to generate a new transgenic mouse model to help elucidate the function and mechanisms of receptor-interacting protein kinase (RIPK)-1.

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Modified Oligo Madness
We're 3 rounds into TriLink's bracket contest with a twist! Will FAM and deoxyinosine sweep? Watch the match results to see!

New Poster Presentation
Improved Small RNA Library Preparation Workflow for NGS

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Genome Editing mRNA: From TALENs to Cas9 mRNA, we have the tools you need.
Top Picks from Tri-Con 2015
  • “Honey I Shrunk the qPCR Machine” Tops Presentations
  • High School Student Wins Popular Vote for Best Poster
  • BioFire Defense FilmArray is More Interesting
  • Exhibitor Extra Bonus: Swimming with the Sharks

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Right: Dr. Zon's photo of Dr. Stanton with a Freedom4 qPCR instrument at Tri-Con 2015.

Custom TALEN mRNA Synthesis

As a leader in custom mRNA synthesis, TriLink has valuable experience in TALEN mRNA production. Custom syntheses with a wide array of modifications and treatments at scales ranging from micrograms to grams are available.

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Blog Post

Drug Developer’s Dream-Come-True May Be Patient’s Nightmare
  • HCV ‘Miracle’ Cure’s $84,000 Price Tag Causes Significant Controversy
  • 2014 Sales of the Drug Register Over $10 Billion
  • Competition is Rising, but Prices aren’t
  • Getting Lower Hepatitis C Vaccination Seems Elusive

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