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Research Update

2´F-modified RNA from TriLink Used to Modulate the Immune System through Activation of RIG-I

Modified RNA has been of interest for some time due to its relevance in the therapeutic landscape. In particular, immune activation by therapeutic RNAs can be advantageous for treating cancers. Earlier this year, researchers from Duke University published a study that utilized 2´Fluoro (2´F) modified RNA from TriLink to differentially regulate the activation of pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) of the immune system. The ability to modulate the immune system may provide a broader range of control and specificity that will enable greater therapeutic application targeting.

Though researchers initially focused on different categories of small RNA, such as RNA interference (RNAi) and small interfering RNA (siRNA) to control gene expression and regulate disease, more recently RNA aptamers and mRNA have...

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Ask an Expert

What base modifications can be incorporated into my custom mRNA or long RNA?

TriLink offers a variety of modified rNTPs suitable for in vitro transcription. We have assessed transcription efficiency based on final product formation of...

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GMO's and GEO's: Science vs. Semantics
I'll now try to unravel some of these tangled perspectives largely to comment on newish nucleic acid-based techniques that are forcing a rethink of regulations in order to better deal with what has become a "regional rat's nest of regulatory gobbledygook."

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The legendary Gordian knot 

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