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Research Update

Modified oligos from TriLink used to synthesize polymer-tagged nucleotides for new nanopore sequencing method

In an eNews article a while back, the 5’hexynyl group was highlighted as one possible oligo modification offered by TriLink to enable click chemistry, a very versatile conjugation method.  There are many applications for click chemistry, and recently TriLink 5’ hexynyl-modified oligonucleotides were used for a new nanopore sequencing method in which click chemistry is utilized to synthesize polymer-tagged nucleotides.

Nanopore sequencing is normally carried out by threading a strand of DNA through a protein-based nanopore and converting resultant ionic current fluctuations into nucleotide base sequence. A radically different strategy using 5’ hexynyl-modified oligonucleotides was recently reported in...

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Diagnostic and Therapeutic GMP Manufacturing

We offer a wide range of manufacturing scales enabling you to specify the exact amount of material for pre-clinical IND toxicology studies or early phase clinical trials. TriLink delivers consistent quality API on schedule and on budget. In addition to drug substances, we’ll provide all the required supporting documentation to streamline the IND submission process and carry you through to clinical trials, making the process efficient and cost effective.

Manufacturing of therapeutic grade material is available for:

  • mRNA
  • Long RNA
  • Oligonucleotides
  • Nucleotides& nucleosides
  • Aptamers
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