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Research Update

Novel Selection Process Leads to Improved Aptamers for HER2-Positive Cancer

Recently Belgian researchers showed that a combination of, next-generation sequencing, a novel method termed “Dubbles”, and TriLink’s 40 nucleotide random library led to the identification of potent aptamers that may provide new diagnostic and therapeutic avenues for patients with human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER2) positive breast cancer. 

The research led by Marlies Gijs, from the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, was published last month in Pharmaceuticals.

HER2 is a growth promoting transmembrane protein that is overexpressed in approximately 15-20% of breast cancers and is associated with poor patient prognosis.  Current standard of care often includes trastuzumab, a humanized monoclonal antibody targeting the HER2 protein....

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For Over 20 Years TriLink Has Been an Industry Leader in Manufacturing
High Quality RNA Oligonucleotides

We offer mRNA and long synthetic RNA for applications including:
  • Aptamers
  • Genome Editing
  • Gene Manipulation
  • Gene Replacement
  • Immunotherapy, and Stem Cell Reprograming

These product lines feature custom synthesis of mRNA and long RNA (up to multiple kilobases) and can incorporate a wide array of modifications to the 3' or 5' ends, the backbone, and internal bases on the sugar and/or base.

Manufacturing services are available at scales ranging from micrograms to grams and can include full GMP production.

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Ask An Expert

I plan to transfect my synthetic, modified long RNA into a cell-based model. What is the best way to have it purified?

We highly recommend that synthetic, modified long RNAs intended for biological applications are PAGE and HPLC purified. PAGE is better at resolving long, synthetic RNAs while HPLC is critical for removing trace impurities leftover from the PAGE purification process.

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The first time I was asked if I was related to the scientist Leonard Zon, I honestly had to reply that I didn’t know, and out of curiosity later looked up his publications, which were quite numerous for a then newish investigator. His current biosketch expertise includes..

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