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Research Update

Alternative Splicing is Highly Sensitive to Mutation

Even before the nature of genes were known and before Mendel first established the basic rules of heredity through his experiments in pea plants, the relationship between genes and their observable traits has been a major question for scientists.

Though it has long since been determined that inheritable traits are attributable to segments of DNA passed down from each parent, one facet of the genotype-phenotype relationship that is still relatively undetermined is the regulation of gene expression through alternative splicing, a post-transcriptional process that alters the inclusion/exclusion of exons.

Though alternative splicing has been of particular interest in recent years because of its link to diseases such as cancer, it is poorly characterized, primarily because...

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What is the ratio of TriLink's wobble bases? Is this important?

TriLink's random sites are optimized to produce as close to a 1:1:1:1, A:C:G:T base ratio in the resulting wobble site as possible. TriLink has done extensive research in the area of randomer oligonucleotides. In aptamers any bias can cause misrepresentation of the sequence space, which...

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Spartan Cube—World's Smallest Molecular Diagnostic Device

• Records Are Meant to be Broken -Including Those for PCR Diagnostics

• Spartan Bio Claims It's Cube is World's Smallest Mol Dx Device

• The Cube was Launched at the Recent AACC Clinical Lab Expo

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