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Research Update

COPD Analysis Using CRISPR Technology

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have discovered two novel frameshift mutations that predispose patients to pulmonary fibrosis (PF)-emphysema. They found that these single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are associated with decreased levels of NAF1 and shortened telomeres, the latter of which had previously been linked to patients with familial PF-emphysema.

Using TriLink’s Cas9 mRNA and custom long synthetic RNA, the authors showed that the disease-associated NAF1 mutations are functionally deleterious by disturbing entry of NAF1 into the nucleus and ultimately reducing telomerase stability.

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NGS Dimer Got You Down?

Ditch The Dimer with CleanTag™ Technology. The CleanTag™ Small RNA Prep Kit blocks adapter dimer formation increasing sensitivity, reproducibility and improving your results.

CleanTag™ Small RNA Library Preparation Kits:

  • Increase mappable sequencing reads even with single cell level RNA inputs
  • Are optimized for samples with limited or compromised RNA
  • Enable automated high throughput analysis by eliminating PAGE purification
  • Provide high assay sensitivity and accuracy, resulting in unmatched data quality
  • Increase library prep throughput with complete process automation
  • Compatible with Illumina and Ion Torrent platforms
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Ask An Expert

Do you offer a kit for small RNA library prep that is compatible with the Ion Torrent™ sequencing platform?

Our CleanTag™ Small RNA Library Prep Kit (Cat# L-3206) contains adapters compatible with the Illumina® sequencing platform, however you can easily convert your tagged library into Ion Torrent™ compatible sequences during the PCR step. Contact us to discuss.

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