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Research Update

Restoring Mitochondrial Health After Cellular Stress

Published last month in Cell, Harvard researchers reported that mitochondrial deacetylase, Sirtuin 3 (SIRT3), acts quickly and dynamically to reset acetylation through dissociation with ATP synthase. SIRT3 is known to target molecules that participate in oxidative metabolism, generating the electrons necessary for restoration of membrane potential. The authors hypothesize that this mechanism may act as a means to recover membrane potential after transient cellular stress, before relying upon mitophagy. This finding was identified through a comprehensive analysis of the mitochondrial sirtuin network, which is composed of SIRT3-5.

Sirtuins are a family of proteins that are perhaps most famous for their metabolic role promoting longevity. However, it is becoming more apparent that...

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We recommend a two step magnetic bead purification using Agencourt AMPure® XP-PCR Purification (A63880) by Beckman Coulter. The protocol can be found on the product insert for the CleanTag™ Small RNA Library Prep Kit (Cat# L-3206).

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