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Research Update

TriLink's Top Products of 2016 and Predictions for 2017

In this month's Zone in with Zon blog post, Jerry discusses The Scientist's "Top Biotech Innovations" from 2016 and shares his predictions for some 2017 break-out biotech tools that are sure to have a big impact in our Industry. Jerry's efforts inspired us to write about TriLink's top products for 2016 and also share a peek into our developing 2017 product portfolio.

#1. CleanTag™ for Small RNA Library Prep: Our fastest growing product for 2016 was the CleanTag™ Kit for small RNA-Seq. In only its second year of availability, CleanTag technology has quickly been adopted by both academic and ...

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Get instant pricing & ordering for oligos up to the 15 Ámole scale.
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Here are some of the conferences where you can meet the TriLink Team in 2017.
Featured Service
Check out TriLink's Discovery Drawer , a collection of rare nucleosides, nucleotides and other small molecules.
Diagnostic and Therapeutic GMP Manufacturing

We offer a wide range of manufacturing scales enabling you to specify the exact amount of material for pre-clinical IND toxicology studies or early phase clinical trials. In addition to drug substances, we'll provide all the required supporting documentation to streamline the IND submission process and carry you through to clinical trials, making the process efficient and cost effective. TriLink delivers consistent quality API on schedule and on budget.

Manufacturing of therapeutic grade material is available for:

  • mRNA
  • Long RNA
  • Oligonucleotides
  • Nucleotides & nucleosides
  • Aptamers
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Ask An Expert

What are your recommended conditions for running a gel for mRNA or long RNA transcripts?

We run a 1% agarose gel. Depending on the size of the gel/number of wells, we load 250 ng to 1 ug of mRNA. We dilute mRNA to 0.2 ug/uL, then add equal volume of NorthernMax Gly sample loading dye...

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Zone In With Zon Blog Post

Top 10 Innovations 2016

As in the past, this first blog of the year comments on the Top 10 Innovations in 2016 that were selected by a panel of judges and published last month in The Scientist. So, with an imaginary loud flourish of trumpets, read on to learn about the 10 winners, starting with 1st place....

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