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Research Update

mRNA Stability Controlled by Dynamic Methylation at Transcription Start Site

TriLink had the honor of hosting Dr. Samie Jaffrey of the Weill Cornell Medical College on January 27th. Dr. Jaffrey traded the chill of New York City for the San Diego sun and delivered a captivating talk at TriLink on his Lab's pivotal research supporting his recently published Nature paper on epitranscriptomics.

The idea that heredity is influenced by more than just the genetic code has been of interest to scientists for decades. Though epigenetics was coined in 1942 to describe a theoretical model of how genes may interact with the environment to produce a phenotype, it wasn't until the 1990's that epigenetics was linked to post-transcriptional modification of DNA, thanks to advancing biological techniques.

Epigenetics, which literally means "on top of genetics", is now a relatively well-established field that has led to...

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Reporter Gene mRNA
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"Ditch the Dimer" CleanTag™ Small RNA Library Prep Presentaion 3/27 5:30 PM
ABRF 2017 San Diego, CA
New Product
Zip Nucleic Acids (ZNA®) Modified Oligos. Promising powerful tools for molecular biology and diagnostic applications.
TriLink Acquires Solulink's Portfolio of Products

Solulink's innovative products and services enable the efficient crosslinking of biomolecules to reporters, surfaces, or other biomolecules under mild reaction conditions. These products constitute a key tool kit that enables many classes of reagents which power biotechnology tools such as Next-Gen Sequencing, gene expression microarrays, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry ("IHC"), Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays ("ELISA"), and Western blotting. Solulink's NanoLink™ and MagnaLink™ line of ultra-high binding magnetic beads provide maximum capture, immobilization, and separation of biotinylated targets.

These products include:

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What are the advantages of using Solulink's MagnaLink™ high biotin binding capacity beads?

Higher binding capacity means greater capture using less bead mass. Less bead mass for your immobilization assays results in better assay capture and increased savings.

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CRISPR-Mediated Interference (CRISPRi) of Long Non-Coding RNA(lncRNA)

This blog is about yet another example of a powerful new methodology spawned by intense scientific interest in using CRISPR-related technologies. This near mania for all things CRISPR is reflected by there being...

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