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Research Update

Taming Two Beasts with mRNA incorporating TriLink Modified NTPs

In two impressive papers published back to back, Norbert Pardi and colleagues highlight the feasibility of using nucleoside-modified mRNA delivered via lipid nanoparticles to protect against two prominent viruses — HIV-1 and Zika virus.

While both studies used lipid nanoparticles for mRNA delivery, each study employed different immunogenic strategies. For HIV-1, Pardi et al. utilized passive immunotherapy and directly encoded an HIV-1–neutralizing antibody. For the Zika virus, the researcher team focused on active immunotherapy. In this strategy, they encoded regions of the Zika virus known to be highly immunogenic, thus provoking the body to produce its own antibodies against the virus.

"mRNA has emerged as a promising vaccine modality that can elicit potent immune responses while avoiding the safety risks and anti-vector immunity associate with some live virus vaccines,"....

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Animals were dosed with FLuc mRNA that was unmodified or modified. Image courtesy of Acuitas Therapeutics.
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What base modifications can be incorporated into my custom mRNA or long RNA?

TriLink offers a variety of modified rNTPs suitable for in vitro transcription. We have assessed transcription efficiency based on final product formation of a 1.9 kb transcript with the following triphosphates at 100% substitution using T7 polymerase...

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Curiously Circular RNA (circRNA) Gets Curiouser

About a year ago, my blog titled Curiously Circular RNA pointed out that circular RNA (circRNA) in animals are odd molecules in that, unlike the vast majority of other RNA in animals, circRNA have no structural beginning (5’) or end (3’). This very curious feature has, not surprisingly, stimulated....

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