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Research Update

MIT Targets Tumors with TriLink Custom and Catalog mRNA

In the last several years, cancer therapies have evolved to include vaccines as an integral part of treatment. This strategy hinges on the body’s own immune system to identify and attack cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

Though several types of vaccines exist, recently scientists have been studying the efficacy of antigen specific mRNA. Although cellular targeting and intracellular delivery of the mRNA has been challenging, mRNA vaccines offer superior safety profiles to other technologies.

Published recently in Nanoletters, Matthias Oberli and colleagues tackled this issue by developing a lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulation to deliver mRNA to immune cells to induce a cytotoxic CD8 T cell response...

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Custom Bioconjugation Services

Using TriLink’s Chromalink® technology, our team of bioconjugation experts can perform custom conjugations to any biomolecule, including antibodies, oligos, proteins, peptides, aptamers, and even solid surfaces. TriLink can produce and deliver custom conjugates to your specifications from small to bulk quantities and for research to commercial applications.

TriLink Custom Conjugation Services
  • Antibody Conjugations and Direct Labeling
  • Peptide Conjugations: Oligo-Peptide, Protein-Peptide, Peptide Immobilization
  • AP, HRP Conjugations
  • siRNA Conjugations
  • Solid Surface Conjugations
  • Bead Conjugations

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Representation of TriLink's Antibody Protein Reaction Conjugate.
Ask An Expert

What types of magnetic beads do you offer and can you custom derivatize them?

TriLink currently offers two different types of magnetic beads; NanoLink® is a less-uniform bead mixture which has 150 and 800 nm diameter beads, and MagnaLink® is a very uniform bead with a 2.8 Ám diameter. Both bead types are made with magnetite...

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Studying Telomeres in Space

After you read this blog about studying telomeres in space, I think you will agree with my opinion that scientific advances can sometimes occur amazingly fast. Telomeres (which are peculiar DNA structures went from esoteric Nobel Prize subject matter in 2009 to the focus of spaceflight...

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