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Research Update

Smac’ing Down Tumor Cells with TriLink’s Cas9 mRNA

A recent discovery reported in Molecular Cell demonstrated that inhibition of p38, an integral molecule of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-signaling cascade, improves smac-mimetic (SM)-based therapeutic approaches for cancer treatment, particularly in patients with acute myeloid leukemia.

SMs are a class of molecules that target the TNF-associated apoptotic pathway and induce cancer cell death. However, resistance is often acquired during the course of treatment, prompting research into combination therapies to improve and prolong the effectiveness of the treatment.

Although it was initially apparent that p38 inhibitors sensitized the cells to SMs and improved treatment outcomes, the mechanism of action was not understood, leading a group of international researchers to tease out these details in this paper.

TNF is an inflammatory cytokine that can induce cytokine production and drive cell survival or cell death through signaling cascades. Since p38 and its substrate MK2 are essential to TNF-induced inflammatory cytokine production, the group hypothesized that p38-MK2 arm of the cascade also controls TNF-and RIPK1-dependent SM-induced cell death.

"Because SM kills cells by increasing the production of SM-induced TNF biosynthesis, and sensitizing cells to TNF-induced and RIPK1-mediated cell death, p38/MK2 might influence the sensitivity to TNF by influencing either or both of...

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There are many CRISPR Cas9 kits but none deliver TriLink quality. TriLink's CleanCap Cas9 mRNA offers superior performance compared to other Cas9 mRNAs and our synthetic single guide RNA ( sgRNA ) is the industry standard with available custom, sequence specific backbone & sugar modifications. Combining TriLink's CleanCap Cas9 mRNA with our sgRNA ensures superior performance for all your CRISPR projects. All TriLink's CRISPR Cas9 products offer:

  • Custom tailored support to meet specific application or program needs including a wide variety of modifications, treatments and purification options.
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  • Wide range of synthesis scales yielding µgrams to grams.
  • Fully traceable quality documentation system.

TriLink's CleanCap Cas9 mRNA and sgRNA are also available in GMP Grade for early Phase Clinical Trials.

Ask An Expert

I've identified the target sequence for a CRISPER Cas9 gene editing experiment. What components do I need?

To attain unmatched consistency between your CRISPR experimental replicates use TriLink’s CleanCap Cas9 mRNA and high quality sgRNA. sgRNA, also known as Single Guide RNA, a chimeric RNA composed of crRNA and tracrRNA, connected by a short RNA linker.

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You and Your Microbiome-Part 3

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