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Research Update

Hit-and-Run Programming with TriLink mRNA

Immune cell therapy has become a hot field, partially due to recent advancements in gene editing technologies and therapeutic delivery systems. These advancements improve immune cell therapy through a number of factors, including improved patient safety through greater control of gene expression and/or increased feasibility through ease of manufacturing.

Published last month in Nature Communications, researchers from University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center reported on a technology that improved both the safety and the feasibility of gene editing.

In this article, they describe a simple approach to the targeted delivery and transient expression of gene editing mRNA, a method they describe as hit-and-run programming. Specifically, they envelope TriLink custom mRNA in polymeric nanoparticles coupled with a cell-targeting molecule and then incubate the mRNA-containing nanoparticles with the target cell.

"This platform does not add complexity to manufacturing because it involves no special equipment or training. Thus, it can substantially streamline the manufacture of cell-based therapies at clinical scales, which means that treating patients with genetically engineered cells could become less expensive, and more effective as a disease-fighting intervention," the authors note...

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    CleanCap™ EGFP 5moU
    14 Day Expression Analysis with Fuse-IT-mRNA CleanCap EGFP mRNA iPS derived cardiomyocytes Cor.-4U, axiogenesis, 6 minute fusion, 0.5ug of mRNA. Images courtesy of Beniag
    Ask An Expert

    What are the benefits of using mRNA over plasmid or viral-based approaches for vaccine and immunotherapy development?

    mRNA offers several advantages over traditional plasmid and viral-based approaches: mRNA boasts a superior safety profile. As a transient carrier of genetic information, itis metabolized naturally and poses little to no risk ...

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