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Research Update

Understanding the Genetic Basis of Skin Pigmentation with CRISPR/Cas9

Recently, an international group of scientists published a report in Science that identified a number of loci associated with skin pigmentation. They found a number of alleles that are strongly associated with both light and dark skin pigmentation, leading to insight as to how these traits may have differentiated over hundreds of thousands of years.

"While over 350 pigmentation genes have been identified in animal models, only a subset of these genes have been linked to normal variation in humans. Of these, there is limited knowledge about loci that affect pigmentation in populations with African ancestry," the authors note.

Skin pigmentation is known to be correlated to the geographic and environmental landscape and it has been proposed that darker skin pigmentation is a trait that has been selected in populations closer to the equator because it helps mitigate high levels of ultraviolet radiation. Alternatively, for populations living further from the equator, genes were driven towards lighter pigmentation to help processes dependent on sunlight, like Vitamin D synthesis...

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Why Limit Your Success with Standard two-part RNA Guides
TriLink’s custom synthetic high-performance single guide RNA (sgRNA) with sequence specific backbone and base modifications ensure the most effective binding and knock-out/knock-in efficiency for all you CRISPR Cas9 experiments.
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The New Standard for
Superior mRNA Translation

Successful 5' capping is a critical characteristic for creating viable mRNA constructs that remain biologically active and avoid self/non-self intracellular immune stimulation. TriLink scientists recognized the limitations of current capping methodologies and developed a new high efficiency, simplified co-transcriptional 5' capping reagent.

CleanCap™ - A Novel New mRNA Capping Technology:

  • 90 – 99% capping efficiency

  • Natural Cap 1 mRNA to reduce cellular innate immune response.

  • Simplified "one-pot" transcription and 5' capping process

  • Lowest cost per milligram of biologically
    active Cap 1 mRNA

CleanCap mRNA is in stock; available for common applications & experiments in standard constructs or as a custom mRNA synthesis to your specifications. TriLink’s CleanCap reagent is also available for use in your lab’s mRNA transcription procedures.

CleanCap™ EGFP
Images courtesy of Beniag
Ask An Expert

I’ve identified the target sequence for a CRISPR Cas9 gene editing experiment. What components do I need?

To attain unmatched consistency between your CRISPR experimental replicates use TriLink’s CleanCap Cas9 mRNA and high quality sgRNA. sgRNA, also known as Single Guide RNA a chimeric RNA composed of crRNA and tracrRNA, connected by a....

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RNA Epigenetics – Part 3

• 2'-O-Methylation Sites in Human mRNA Sequenced with Base Precision

• N3-Methylcytidine Discovered in Human mRNA

• "The More You Know, the More You Know You Don’t Know "-Aristotle

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