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Research Update

Cancer Marker PD-L1 Leads to a Potential Tool for Studying Metabolic Disorders

Recently as reported in Nature Nanotechnology, researchers used TriLink’s ChromaLink® Technology to help determine Programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) expression in healthy mice.

PD-L1 is an important immune regulatory molecule linked to multiple types of cancer and has gained attention from drug companies in recent years.

Currently, there are several commercial immunotherapies targeting the PD-L1 pathway and recent clinical trial results have fueled a massive increase in immunotherapy-related cancer research.

"Despite the impressive gains in immunotherapy for cancer, heterogeneous outcomes necessitate new methods to monitor and predict patient responses. A method that comprehensively monitors PD-L1 expression could be of diagnostic value, and may help resolve lingering questions about the role of PD-L1 expression in checkpoint blockade responses," the authors explain.

With the help of ChromaLink NHS-biotin reagent, the authors developed a phage display to detect and isolate...

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ChromaLink® Technology

ChromaLink is a patented, easy-to-use, single step, catalyzed linker technology that enables fast and quantitative conjugation of biomolecules under mild conditions resulting in higher efficiencies and yields.

ChromaLink Advantages:

  • Quantifiable – Using a UV signature wavelength and simple UV scan

  • Stable - 10 times more stable than any other conjugation linker

  • Specificity - Two component linker method avoids homoconjugate formation

  • Efficient - >80% efficient linker-biomolecule conjugations

ChromaLink Technology is available for purchase as a reagent, easy-to-use kits, derivatized magnetic beads, and in bulk packaging for research and commercial organizations.

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Why use ChromaLink Biotin or ChromaLink Digoxigenin (DIG) labeling kits?

For maximum sensitivity and reproducibility, it is important to avoid over-labeling, which leads to reduced immunoreactivity, or under-labeling, which leads to a weak signal. ChromaLink Biotin and DIG Labeling Kits are the only kits which enable ....

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Long Noncoding RNA (lncRNA) Revisited

• Publications Dealing with lncRNAs Show Exponential Growth

• Evidence for Involvement of lncRNAs in Cancer is Increasing

• Value of lncRNAs as Biomarkers Has Been Validated

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