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Research Update

When Timing is Everything. Uncovering the Temporal Dynamics of RNA Using TimeLapse-seq

Through the advancement of modern techniques such as RNA sequencing, our knowledge of the transcriptome has increased dramatically and opportunities for new therapies have broadened. However, standard RNA sequencing can only offer a static view of an RNA population and an efficient method to understand the temporal dynamics of RNA is lacking.

A group of researchers from Yale University has developed a new RNA sequencing method that is capable of distinguishing temporal changes in RNA transcription, TimeLapse-seq.

"[Current methods] require large amounts of input sample and extensive handling, and they present challenges when normalizing enrichment and estimating contamination," note the authors.

In their article published last month in Nature Methods, the researchers unveiled a new, efficient sequencing technique that starts by tagging new transcripts with the uridine analog 4-thiouridine...

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Ask An Expert

What is the recommended protocol for CleanTag™ library purification?

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