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May 2018 Research Update

Super GMOs with a Super CRISPR/Cas9

Last month in The CRISPR Journal researchers from Kansas State University demonstrated that improved wheat varieties can be generated using a multiplexed CRISPR-Cas9-based system.

Wheat is the leading grain produced worldwide based on acreage. As world population continues to expand and the environmental landscape becomes increasingly unpredictable, improving agronomic traits of this vital crop becomes increasingly important.

Astonishingly, despite the rise of genetically modified crops, there are still no commercial strains of genetically modified wheat. This is due to the difficulty in controlling heritability in the offspring plants. Wheat is allopolyploid (it inherits chromosomes from three parent plants) and it is estimated that traditional breeding strategies take as many as 7-10 years before target genes are fully integrated.

Multiplexed gene editing (MGE) strategies simultaneously edit multiple genes by introducing multiple gRNAs. Although they have previously been used in a variety of species, including wheat, MGE strategies have had limitations. With wheat, for example, researchers placed each gRNA under its own promoter in a single construct. However, due to the size of the individual promoter-gRNA units, the level of multiplexing was limited...

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  • Design and Manufacturing of Chemically Modified Messenger RNA Therapeutics - Anton McCaffrey PhD., Senior Director of Research and Development, TriLink BioTechnologies

Tuesday May 8, 2018 | 11:45-12:55

  • Overview - Mike Houston PhD., Chief Scientific Officer, TriLink BioTechnologies
  • Quantifying How Thousands of Nanoparticles Deliver Nucleic Acids In Vivo Using DNA Barcodes - James Dahlman PhD., Georgia Tech, Emory School of Medicine
  • Taking CRISPR to the Clinic - TJ Cradick PhD., Head of Genome Editing, CRISPR Tx
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