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May 2019 Research Update

Switching the Standard for Cardiac Surgery

Over the years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of elderly and multimorbid patients. For cardiac surgery, this patient population is associated with increased perioperative mortality, prompting the need for improved processes and procedures.

In a study published earlier this year in The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, researchers in Austria sought to improve myocardial protection for this patient population by changing the standard depolarizing solution used during cardiac surgery.

Currently, potassium based depolarizing solutions - administered as intermittent, oxygenated blood - are considered standard for myocardial protection during cardiac surgery.

However, these potassium based depolarizing solutions can lead to intracellular Na+ accumulation with subsequent elevation in myocyte Ca2+ loading, resulting in contracture and cell death.

Previous work by the same group showed the feasibility of using a polarizing solution. In this later study, the authors sought to extend their initial work by testing the polarizing and depolarizing solutions in a clinically - relevant porcine model of cardiopulmonary bypass, in which they compared...

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Attending TIDES 2019
Join Us Tuesday May 21st 6:30pm-10pm. We will celebrate coming together for another TIDES conference at the TriLink/Glen Research VIP Event "The Social at Vin De Syrah", food, drinks and a relaxing atmosphere at one of San Diego's most unique venues. Transportation to and from the venue will be provided. Space is Limited. RSVP Today!
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Don't miss our Spotlight Luncheon Presentation

Tuesday May 21, 2019 | 12:15pm-1:25pm

  • Development of Synthetic Self - replicating RNA Platforms for Oncology Vaccines and Therapeutics - Nathaniel Wang PhD., Head of R&D, RNA Medicines - Synthetic Genomics.
  • The CleanCap mRNA Capping Revolution: A Key to the Epitranscriptome - Anton McCaffrey PhD., Senior Director of Emerging Science and Innovation - TriLink BioTechnologies.
Ask An Expert

I've identified the target sequence for a CRISPR Cas9 gene editing experiment. What components do I need?

To attain unmatched consistency between your CRISPR experimental replicates, use TriLink CleanCap® Cas9 mRNA and high quality sgRNA. sgRNA, also known as single guide RNA, is a chimeric RNA composed of crRNA and tracrRNA, connected by a short RNA linker. The purpose of sgRNAs is to bind to Cas9 and...

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Zone In With The Zon Blog Post

In Vivo High-Throughput Screen Finds Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) for Cell-Specific Delivery of Modified mRNA for CRISPR

In some of our previous blogs, we have featured a variety of publications on lipid nanoparticles (LNPs; aka liposomes) for delivery of therapeutic nucleic acids such as siRNA or mRNA. These and other studies generally involve the empirical screening LNP formulations in vitro, in order to...

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